Perspectives on the recommendations for skin cancer management during the COVID-19 pandemic

Geskin LJ
Trager MH
Aasi SZ
Bickers DR
Carvajal RD
Nghiem P
Taback B
Zeitouni NC
Samie FH

Genomic profiling of late-onset basal cell carcinomas from two brothers with nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome

Hasan Ali O
Yurchenko AA
Pavlova O
Sartori A
Bomze D
Higgins R
Ring SS
Hartmann F
Bühler D
Fritzsche FR
Jochum W
Navarini AA
Kim A
French LE
Dermitzakis E
Christiano AM
Hohl D
Bickers DR
Nikolaev SI
Flatz L

Advances in Prevention and Surveillance of Cutaneous Malignancies

Trager MH
Queen D
Samie FH
Carvajal RD
Bickers DR
Geskin LJ

Staphylococcus aureus small colony variants impair host immunity by activating host cell glycolysis and inducing necroptosis

Wong Fok Lung T
Monk IR
Acker KP
Mu A
Wang N
Riquelme SA
Pires S
Noguera LP
Dach F
Gabryszewski SJ
Howden BP
Prince A

Human T cell response to CD1a and contact dermatitis allergens in botanical extracts and commercial skin care products

Nicolai S
Wegrecki M
Cheng TY
Bourgeois EA
Cotton RN
Mayfield JA
Monnot GC
Le Nours J
Van Rhijn I
Rossjohn J
Moody DB
de Jong A


Multiple keratoacanthomas arising within red tattoo pigment

Queen D
Richards LE
Bordone L
Bickers DR
Husain S
Lewin JM

Patched1 haploinsufficiency severely impacts intermediary metabolism in the skin of Ptch1+/-/ODC transgenic mice

Li C
Mishra B
Kashyap M
Weng Z
Andrabi SA
Mukhtar SM
Kim AL
Bickers DR
Kopelovich L
Athar M

Tetrodotoxin-Sensitive Sodium Channels Mediate Action Potential Firing and Excitability in Menthol-Sensitive Vglut3-Lineage Sensory Neurons

Griffith TN
Docter TA
Lumpkin EA

Parenchymal and stromal tissue regeneration of tooth organ by pivotal signals reinstated in decellularized matrix

He L
Zhou J
Chen M
Lin CS
Kim SG
Zhou Y
Xiang L
Xie M
Bai H
Yao H
Shi C
Coelho PG
Bromage TG
Hu B
Tovar N
Witek L
Wu J
Chen K
Gu W
Zheng J
Sheu TJ
Zhong J
Wen J
Niu Y
Cheng B
Gong Q
Owens DM
Stanislauskas M
Pei J
Chotkowski G
Wang S
Yang G
Zegarelli DJ
Shi X
Finkel M
Zhang W
Li J
Cheng J
Tarnow DP
Zhou X
Wang Z
Jiang X
Romanov A
Rowe DW
Wang S
Ye L
Ling J
Mao J


SOX9 Transcriptionally Regulates mTOR-Induced Proliferation of Basal Cell Carcinomas

Kim AL
Back JH
Chaudhary SC
Zhu Y
Athar M
Bickers DR

STXBP4 regulates APC/C-mediated p63 turnover and drives squamous cell carcinogenesis

Rokudai S
Li Y
Otaka Y
Fujieda M
Owens DM
Christiano AM
Nishiyama M
Prives C


Constitutive transgene expression of Stem Cell Antigen-1 in the hair follicle alters the sensitivity to tumor formation and progression

Christensen R
Owens DM
Füchtbauer AC
Gunnarsson A
Ramsing M
Füchtbauer EM
Jensen UB

Various Surface Treatments to Implant Provisional Restorations and Their Effect on Epithelial Cell Adhesion: A Comparative In Vitro Study

Luchinskaya D
Du R
Owens DM
Tarnow D
Bittner N

Correction: Inhibition of p38 MAPK Signaling Augments Skin Tumorigenesis via NOX2 Driven ROS Generation

Liu L
Rezvani HR
Back JH
Hosseini M
Tang X
Zhu Y
Mahfouf W
Raad H
Ragi G
Athar M
Kim AL
Bickers DR


Inhibition of the hedgehog pathway in patients with basal-cell nevus syndrome: final results from the multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial

Tang JY
Ally MS
Chanana AM
Mackay-Wiggan JM
Aszterbaum M
Lindgren JA
Ulerio G
Rezaee MR
Gildengorin G
Marji J
Clark C
Bickers DR
Epstein EH Jr

AKT1 Activation is Obligatory for Spontaneous BCC Tumor Growth in a Murine Model that Mimics Some Features of Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome

Kim AL
Back JH
Zhu Y
Tang X
Yardley NP
Kim KJ
Athar M
Bickers DR

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