Annemieke de Jong, Ph.D.

Research Core Director

Translational and Precision Medicine Resource Core Director

As the TRAP core Director, Dr. de Jong is responsible for the leadership and oversight of the entire core and delivery of Cluster services, in conjunction with the Co-Directors.  

Annemieke de Jong is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University. Dr. de Jong joined the Department in 2011 to conduct research in the field of cutaneous immunology. Her research focuses on T cell functions in human skin, in particular the role of lipid-reactive T cells and the lipid antigen presenting molecule, CD1, in maintaining effective barrier immunity. Dr. de Jong’s research accomplishments over the past 10 years has been outstanding and she has a demonstrated ability to independently develop lines of investigation. Dr. de Jong is also involved as a co-investigator in autoantigen discovery work as part of the Alopecia Areata Center of Research Translation (AACORT) at Columbia University Medical Center.