David M. Owens, Ph.D.

Research Core Director

Skin Stem Cell Imaging and Manipulation Core Director; Research Cores Programs Director

Dr. Owens will be responsible for general SCIM Core supervision, support of efficient communication between epiCURE researchers, advisory and guidance help to investigators with experimental design, interpreting and analyzing data, and writing Material/Methods for grant proposals and publications. 

The overall aim of Dr. Owens’s research is to define the contributions of epithelial stem cells and the microenvironment to skin homeostasis and neoplastic skin development. His laboratory has focused on three main areas of skin biology: i) touch, ii) stem cells, and iii) cancer. He has made significant contributions in these areas by fundamental discoveries of two novel stem cell niches, the hair follicle isthmus and touch dome, as well as important new insights into the pathogenesis of squamous cell skin tumors.