In collaboration with Dr. David Brenner in the Center for Radiological Research, our Department of Dermatology NIH-designated epiCURE Core facilities conducted studies to assess the safety and efficacy of short wave UVC light on human skin cells.

PubMed Citations: Germicidal Efficacy and Mammalian Skin Safety of 222-nm UV Light.

207-nm UV Light-A Promising Tool for Safe Low-Cost Reduction of Surgical Site Infections. II: In-Vivo Safety Studies.

The researchers say far-UVC lighting could be deployed in hospitals, schools, airplanes, airports and other transportation hubs—anywhere where people congregate. Photo: Columbia Center for Radiological Research
written on the skin
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Narrow Wavelength of UV Light Safely Kills Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Scientists from the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Medical Center have shown that a narrow wavelength of ultraviolet (UV) light safely killed drug-resistant MRSA bacteria in mice, demonstrating a potentially safe and cost-effective way to reduce surgical site infections, a major public health concern.

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