Arianna Kim, Ph.D.

Research Core Director

Skin Immunity, Integrity and Disease Core Core Director

As the SIND Core Director, Dr. Kim will will assume the overall leadership of the core and will supervise the day-to-day operations of the technical staff and support efficient communication between Center investigators and SIND technical staff.

Dr. Kim’s research focuses on understanding the molecular/signaling components that influence cell survival and how these components contribute to the pathological features of human cancer. In her research on human nonmelanoma skin cancer, she has adopted a systematic sequential approach by conducting mechanistic studies in primary and established keratinocyte cultures obtained from genetically engineered mice (p53-/-/SKH-1, Ptch1+/-/SKH-1, Akt1+/-/SKH-1, and Akt1+/-/Ptch1+/-/SKH-1). Dr. Kim has expertise in developing murine transgenic models and extensive experience developing mechanism-driven strategies using genetic and cell-based strategies to test hypotheses related to therapy and prevention.